Discontinuation of The Sudrian Community:

Due to lack of interest in the site, the team have decided to no longer post content here, and instead post it to a location which we find more suited to ourselves. Ty is dedicating his route building talents to the IoS over at SI3D, not to mention his theme reactions over on his YouTube page. SkarTheGreat is doing some projects over on his DeviantArt page as well as creating a few models for the IoS Route. And Cam is creating some great payware models over on his site Darlington Works. His newer Thomas content can also be found on his thread over on the SI3D Forums.

The guys here'll like to thank all of our follows for the support given to us the last few years. Here's to what the future holds!

~The Sudrian Community

Links to member's sites:
Cam: http://darlington-works.weebly.com/, http://si3d.proboards.com/thread/3040/camscotts-models?page=24

Ty: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThomasPercy99http://www.si3d.co.nr/

Neb: http://skarloeythegreat.deviantart.com/